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Introduction of our factory marbles (over 30.000 m2) to treat our varieties of marble Crema Marfil, Rojo Alicante, Imperial Brown and Light Emperador.

Variety of Crema Marfil. Marbles Brothers. Jimenez takes over 25 years producing marble for various international markets.

Marble blocks of red varieties alicante, imperial brown ivory cream loaded in the port of Alicante bound for various international markets.

A slideshow of our four quarries varieties ivory marble, alicante red, imperial brown and light Emperor.

Marbles Brothers. Jimenez


  • Built entirely of white marble, It stands on a marble plinth with a minaret, also white, reach corners 41 m. high

  • El anfiteatro Flavio, oval plan (189 m x 156 m. x 48 height), It is built of brick and travertine.

  • In building thousands of rare and semi-precious stones were used for decoration,

    especially embedded in the marble. (Abu Dhabi)