Marbles Brothers. Jimenez, S.L. has its center of business and administrative areas located in the city of Novelda (Alicante), in Constitution Avenue, 14
During all these years, we have opted for optimizing productivity and attentive commercial attention, and we have always thought that, to achieve these objectives, was essential to the proximity of quarries, factory and office, and so, It was decided that the excellent geographical location of the city of Novelda, made as the ideal hub of our activity. From these offices all commercial and administrative division of the company is centralized.
Also, and the result of the process of natural adaptation to expansion plans and internationalization of our company, and to improve service to our present and future customers.
From this site we invite all our customers and users interested in the industry, to know a little more about our company and our marble varieties: Brown Emperador AltamiraCrema MarfilRojo AlicanteMarrón ImperialLight Emperador.

30 Spanish years exporting marble

Marbles Brothers. Jimenez,30 Spanish years exporting marble

The firm Marbles Brothers. Jimenez, S.The. fulfilled 30 years in March 2014, business career is in the second generation family consisting of four brothers who share different areas in the company, complementing and creating a team work in synergy with the value provided by clients and staff factories and quarries that work daily with passion and enthusiasm for the good work.
The flexibility and constant adaptation that characterizes the company in the demanding world of international trade of marble have been leading this company to continuously update the structure, from the base of a solid family business, Nearest generating a brand that customers value internationally.
Product specialization is one of the most important advantages to excel in business strategy, the most important brands of marbles: IVORY CREAM, IMPERIAL BROWN, ALICANTE RED AND BROWN EMPEROR ALTAMIRA, are the star products that the foreign market values ​​and if we help all branded MADE IN SPAIN, still favors, more if possible, competitive advantage.
During 20 years the company has been undergoing a process of gradual growth that has placed in the SME sector as an ability to operate in different markets, responding to the various plans of internationalization of business, not losing, however, the original spirit of its founding. International recognition of product quality, has encouraged the growth beyond the domestic market, and currently markets its marble varieties in markets like United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, China, India, Brazil, South America and the US, among other countries.
Marble is a stone that contributes to ecological sustainability of our environment ART remains a transformation that beautifies, gives warmth and life to our buildings. Natural stone, in particular marble Alicante, has one foot in the old and present another in an open innovation and development,
At present, the company "Brothers Jiménez SL Marbles", think the world of the stone you want a reformulation, a search of modernity , an outlet to the world we live from today's perspective and a process of constant adaptation and modernization, in order not to lose the train of international competitiveness.
From this site we invite all our customers and users interested in the industry, to know a little more about our company and our marble varieties: Brown Emperador AltamiraCrema MarfilRojo AlicanteMarrón ImperialLight Emperador.


lo_empresaOne of the best assets of Marbles Brothers. Jimenez, S.L. is the excellent location and distance between its four marble quarries, factory and offices on the main distribution points: highways, ports, Airport rail and even for fast operation and distribution of our marbles, in all formats, any international market.

Our four quarries, factory and offices have direct access to various Highways: Madrid – Alicante- Barcelona – Europe. Entire packaging process, loading and transportation of our marble formats for export is performed by different qualitative processes that ensure the perfect state of our formatosde marble when they reach their destination.

We export our four varieties of marble to different international markets through various transport for international projects of all kinds through the following communications:

        • Distance max. between our four quarries 50 my.
        • Distance max. between our quarries and factory 40 my.
        • Distance max. between quarry and Port of Valencia 90 my.
        • Distance max. between quarry and Puerto de Alicante 35 my.
        • Distance max. between quarry and railway Alicante 35 my.
        • Distance between office and the International Airport of El Altet 25 my.


The facilities where does the transformation of the stone raw in our commercial varieties, are built on an area of ​​over 30.000 m2, where the conjunction between a innovative machinery and a specialized team, allows us to perform the various processes required in the handling of natural stone, to achieve the high quality of our marbles in his final finish.
At present, The factory has a modernization of machinery adapted to new processes marble finishes embellish the natural stone and constant process of growth and innovation. At present we have developed a new product, "Brown Emperador Altamira", from the new brown Emperador quarry located in Jumilla. This new product is a variety that currently is receiving a warm welcome in the markets for the finish and price are excellent weapons to compete with the range of materials that markets demand.

Our business project, with its comprehensive and sustainable spirit of production, develops different product lines as: REMOVAL OF BLOCKS, CUT AND POLISHED SLABS AND TABLES. The packaging is performed according to international standards of each country, spraying when required and reinforcing bundles hardwoods. Containerized cargo for marble is done with such merchandise arrives at its destination in perfect condition. Always thinking that innovation and constant modernization of production structures, merely result in the excellence of our products and the satisfaction of our customers long around the world, being a company with international experience in a 20 years old.
The factory is strategically located near our four quarries, allowing us optimize all logistics processes related to the transportation and storage of our natural stone and marble in its final finish.


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