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Marbles Brothers. Jimenez has ten varieties Spanish marble,  of extraordinary quality and beauty. We offer our customers our natural stones in three formats: Block, Table and Slabs, can be purchased in different qualities: First, Standard, Commercialand Classical

In together with the environment, Marbles Brothers. Jimenez has enhanced and developed a style of responsible production with our future on the planet. We conducted a management plan focused its mining waste reduction, processing, recovery and disposal taking into account the principle of sustainable development.

  • We have a recycling plant dedicated to the crushed aggregate materials from waste dumps and tailings deposits produced by the extraction of marble blocks.

  • Marble waste products are obtained for: Pharmacy, Agriculture, Paint Industry, Rubber industry, Acoustic insulation, Acids and mortar

  • We have developed a project to restore the quarry developed by our technical department of mines

Mármoles Hnos. Jiménez |Proyecto triturado residuos de mármol

 Marbles Brothers. Jimenezguarantees our waste management, in a way that does not present a danger to health and without using processes or methods which could harm the environment, or adversely affect the landscape.

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Marbles Brothers. Jimenez


  • Built entirely of white marble, It stands on a marble plinth with a minaret, also white, reach corners 41 m. high

  • El anfiteatro Flavio, oval plan (189 m x 156 m. x 48 height), It is built of brick and travertine.

  • In building thousands of rare and semi-precious stones were used for decoration,

    especially embedded in the marble. (Abu Dhabi)