Brothers. Jimenez, International Fairs of natural stone

New production of Crema Marfil marble tables

We continue with our own development after removing from our quarries Crema Marfil marble blocks. Esta nueva […]

Marbles Hnos Jimenez, want the entire Chinese community, a happy year of the dog.

The dog appears to remember that not everything has been pink. Animal of profound loyalty, in […]

The IVACE (Instituto Valenciano de business competitiveness) with marbles Hnos Jimenez

Through the programme of support for internationalization plans promoted by the IVACE (Instituto Valenciano de competitiveness […]

New production of emperador Brown marble / imperial Brown

We are still developing our emperador Brown marble tables / imperial Brown after extraction, previously, block […]

Our elegant Rojo Alicante marble

Rojo Alicante is a marble directly extracted from our quarry, offering at all times distinction and one […]

Marbles Brothers. Jimenez


  • Built entirely of white marble, It stands on a marble plinth with a minaret, also white, reach corners 41 m. high

  • El anfiteatro Flavio, oval plan (189 m x 156 m. x 48 height), It is built of brick and travertine.

  • In building thousands of rare and semi-precious stones were used for decoration,

    especially embedded in the marble. (Abu Dhabi)